Automated Industrial Poultry Houses

Automated Industrial Poultry Houses

Construct poultry houses...

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Principles of Engineering

Principles of Engineering

سالن های مرغداری >> سالن های مرغداری

Reducing fuel consumption

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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

طیوران ابزار >> معرفی

There are no translations available.Vision & Mission Prospect  of  Toyouran  Abzar  to the future. Be in global market Constantly…



Heating & Cooling systems, Ventilators...

Using modern equipment and technology is guaranteed to reach global standards in the poultry industry.

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Central Office:
6th Floor, No. 79, North Eskandari St., Tehran - Iran
Tel: (+9821)6643 71 18
Fax: (+9821) 6642 65 74
Factory: 0229 4218698-99

No. 165, Forsat Shirazi St., Tohid Sq., Tehran - Iran


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About Us
Toyouran Abzar - Producer of Poultry Equipement
About Us


Toyouran Abzar Company was founded from a workshop in 1995 by Mr.Matevousian and Mr.Eskandari. They have had valuable backgronds in the production of poultry equipments. With such experience, the company soon introduced as leading high technology into this field.
Progressive policies like CRM, high technology in production, and different factors such as added up to make the Toyouran Abzar Co. As they are today, one of the leaders in the field of poultry equipment supply.

Hereby Toyouran Abzar Co. , thank the distinguished visitors attended the Eleventh International Livestock, poultry, and dairy industries Tehran hopes of enjoying a more constructive comments and helpful to your loved ones in the future provide valuable services.


Latest News

Production of new battery cage
Toyouran-Abzar company means a lot of effort and using the highest technology on the design and production each cell battery cages with dimensions of 61 x 60 has a capacity of 9 heads Layer.Using this system, the possibility of keeping more birds are provided in the lounge area. The design of this system of things for comfort and also produce more birds have been More...


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Toyouran Abzar Co.


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